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Who are the mediators?

medijator1In order to promote mediation and to recognize the role of mediator, placed mediators formed the Association of Mediators of Montenegro.

A mediator is a third, neutral person who helps parties communicate and find common, acceptable solution for their dispute. Mediators may be judges, lawyers, psychologists, doctors, economists, engineers and other prominent experts from various fields depending on the type of dispute they mediate in.

Mediators may be all persons who are citizens of Montenegro, have University degree and five years of professional experience. In order to become a mediator, one must undergo special training and become a certified mediator.

After successful completion of training, mediators are appointed by the Minister of Justice, which is initiated by proposal from the Committee of the Ministry of Justice. Committee is formed by the Minister of Justice, and it consists of judges, mediators and the Ministry of Justice.

Notwithstanding, a mediator may be a person who does not meet the above criteria, if he/she has professional knowledge and practical experience for a particular area of mediation. Mediation procedure in Montenegro in some cases in disputes with a foreign element can lead to a foreign national who is authorized to conduct mediation activities in another country.

How to reach a mediator?

Law on Mediation requires that the parties choose a mediator, who may also be proposed by a judge or the Commission of the Ministry of Justice.

Zakon o posredovanju nalaže da stranke same biraju posrednika, kojeg može da predloži i sudija, ili Komisija Ministarstva pravde.

Index of mediators can be found in the Ministry of Justice and all courts.

A mediator can be reached if a party addresses the Ministry of Justice, the Center for mediation, or any court in Montenegro.

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