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About Us

kljuc2Center for Mediation is a non-profit institution, founded in 2008, which informs citizens and interested parties on the institute of mediation. The Center plans, organizes and implements continuous improvement and training for mediators.

Establishment of the Center for Mediation has institutionally shaped the institute of mediation in Montenegro. The founders of the Center for Mediation are the Government of Montenegro, the Central Bank of Montenegro and the Association of Mediators of Montenegro.

Activities of the Centre are as follows:

  • Providing technical assistance for the implementation of mediation procedure,
  • Keeping records of successfully completed mediation procedures,
  • Public promotion of mediation,
  • Organizing mediator trainings, issuing certificates of completed trainings for persons who have successfully attended training and keeping records of such persons,
  • Publishing brochures and publications for training mediators and other professional literature in the field of mediation.

Procedures of mediation are carried out in the premises of the Centre. The Center cooperates with state agencies and with nongovernmental organizations and business organizations so as to implement regulations and policy documents relevant to mediation.

The work of the Centre is supported by the governments of Norway and the Netherlands, as well as numerous international organizations, including IFC, OSCE, UNICEF, Save the Children and UNDP.


Director of the Center for Mediation
Miroslav Knežević

Excecutive Board

Srđan Spaić
Vuksan Vuksanović
Marina Miranović
Zoran Pažin
Darka Tončić


  2008 2009 2010 Total
The number of cases referred to mediation 433 547 742 1722
The number of resolved disputes 255 (58,89%) 349 (63,80%) 570 (76,81%) 1174 (68,17%)
The number of unresolved disputes 178 (41,11%) 198 (36,20%) 172 (23,19%) 548 (28,71%)
Released asssets (€) 2.314.966 12.417.785,17 14.567.972,42 29.300.723,59


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